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Physics Learning Kit With Printed Guide

Physics Learning Kit With Printed Guide

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Intoducing the HVAC School fun physics guide that uses some enjoyable HANDS ON demonstrations to teach physics conecepts that can be tailored to all ages. 

Physics is fun!

Without knowledge of physics, we wouldn’t have A/C units, cars, and so many other things we take for granted in modern life. This kit will help you learn about
the basic concepts of energy, motion, and electricity with a few fun items.

This kit will give the student a basic look at:

- States of matter

- Volume & Mass 

- Temperature & Heat 

- Force & Pressure

- The basic gas laws 

- Basic Electricity 

and more... 

These are great fun for kids of all ages INCLUDING for use in HVAC classes with ADULTS

If you ever visit schools for career days this is a great way to introduce students to what we do in a fun and understandable way. These also make a great gift for the kids in your life who may want to understand more about what YOU DO. 

On a side note... 

Feel free to download and print the PDF guide and source your own parts to build your own if you want to save a few bucks. You won't bother me a bit so long as you don't resell the guides or use them to resell other products. 

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